This blog is a chance for me to share some of my favourite recipies. Most of them will be simple and easy to follow. The instructions probably seem wordy, but that is because they are detailed and aimed at novice cooks. (My darling daughter who recently moved out being one of them and now she won't have to call me every night to ask what to cook for dinner. Love ya babe)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love to cook! I buy recipe magazines for entertainment. I read recipe books like novels.

I'm a busy Mum who works full time and cooks to unwind. Sometimes I'm the "Fast and the Furious" and other nights I have time to be "Slow and Steady".

My eldest daugter moved out of home recently and will often ring me for ideas on what to cook for dinner. My sister and I often swap and alter recipes. Workmates often ask for suggestions on what to cook with ingredients that they have in their pantry.

I'd like to set up a site where I can share some recipies with other bloggers and perhaps view some of their favourite recipies. I also like to collect and share handy tips for cooking and housekeeping.

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